BooT-SectoR-ViruZ is my main project, founded in 2001. Originally the concept was more about speedcore and noisy breakbeats, but I soon adapted more and more influences (e.g. breakcore and rhythmic noise) into it and the project’s style became a dark mashup of noise, beats and melodies. Thus, B-S-V doesn’t really fit into the conventional genres but sees itself as a wide-ranged musical mix.

In 2006, B-S-V released the first official album ‚Anti-Matter‚ on Ambassador21’s ‚Invasion Wreck Chords‘. The second album ‚BOOTY no BAKA!‚ was released as free MP3 download on the (old) B-S-V website in March 2009. After that, the three-way split ‚Peacemakers Inc. Volume I‚, released on Invasion Wreck Chords featured a hand-full of new material.

Since then, it’s been rather quiet… mainly because of studies and work. But it won’t be too long now before new stuff reaches your speakers.